Soy lecithin

diepsa - campo de soja

Emulsifier, natural dispersing, made ​​from natural soy oil.

Essentially the product is composed predominantly of a mixture of phospholipids, soybean oil and a minimum of moisture.

Use of this product

Applications in all industries where the emulsion plays an important role as:

  • Industrial: adhesives, absorbents, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, fertilizers, Furs, Leather, coatings and paints, pesticides, textiles, etc.
  • Human Food: baking, cheese, Jams, Manufacture of noodles and pasta, fats and oils, seasonings, instant products, chocolate, margarine, Animal feed, etc.
  • Animal Feed: food processing industries for animals, balanced, and so on.

More technical information on Crude Soy Lecithin, click here.
More technical  information on Standarized Soy Lecithin, click here.


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