Fresh fruit

frutas frescas varias

Fruit activity is a very important production and trade market that is affected by the seasonality, resulting in station and counter-seasonal periods. Northern Hemisphere countries are the largest producers and consumers of fresh fruit, with 70 to 80% of world production, the rest comes from countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Consequently, Argentina’s geographical position has allowed him to become a provider of reliable fresh citrus fruit from different regions during the spring and summer.


manzanas verdesPears and Apples

The irrigated valleys of northern Patagonia meet exceptional ecological conditions for growing these fruits and it should be noted that the quality achieved by the producers of this region.
For Pears, Argentina uses a comparative and competitive advantage that is the quality of its variety Williams, the most important of the region and is one of the best in the world. European consumers are eager for the freshness of this variety after consuming winter pears.
In the case of Apples, Argentina’s most traditional varieties exported to the European market are Red Delicious and Granny Smith.



Our citrus export supply is mainly based on Lemons, followed by oranges and mandarin.
Much of the total production of lemons comes from Tucumán, in the northern region of Argentina. The varieties grown are lemon Frost Eureka, Lisbon Frost among others.
As for the Orange, have Navel varieties of early maturing type as Navelina and New Hall, and Valencia Late variety, while in Mandarin is the dominant variety Murcott, followed by Ellendale and Okitsu.


uvas | grapesGrapes

The production of grapes in Argentina is located in the irrigated mountain valleys from north to south. One advantage the Argentine grape production is that it can offer the same variety at different times, as the crop is done in different climatic regions, giving a range of supply over time, most competitive countries can not achieve this.
Our varieties are the Superior Seedless or Sugraone (white seedless grapes), Flame Seedless (seedless red grapes), and Red Globe, among others.



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