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Diepsa is dedicated to the sale of a variety of products and services, carries out importing and exporting operations and services, and participates in numerous profitable activities, which are facilitated by our global network and the confidence relations forged with our business associates and consumers all over the world.

Corporate Mission

Management and guidance are the fundamental principles of our activities, defining our company’s value. Management defines the business philosophy of Diepsa, with a global and contemporary perspective based on a clear and simple structure. Guidelines define the way Diepsa does business, and our officials and collaborators provide the means to accomplish a successful management.

Management Strategy

Diepsa is constantly building and expanding our business spectrum with a variety of sectors, thanks to our knowledge of international commerce.
We not only elaborate and sell products; we also provide services for the foreign companies that look to expand in global markets.
In addition, we offer logistic support and help to importing and exporting companies in customs formalities.

Social and Enviromental Contribution

Being corporate citizens, we are aware of our responsibility with society. We contribute to the local communities by generating productive networks with good potential in the international markets. We also provide internships for university students and we donate equipment to local education institutions.


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