Preserve foods

Aleimentos procesados

The food sector is composed of products consumed in special circumstances, beyond the habitual consumption. The natural materials and excellent quality are the basis for developing products with features gourmet highly appreciated by the international market. These foods are characterized by a limited, conscious of the ingredients, high added value, original design and special forms of marketing.


durazno almibar

Canned fruit

In our exports, we highlight the development of canned fruits such as peach, pear, cherry, apricot and fruit cocktail in addition to products such as fruit pulp, tomato, sweet, and jams.



Canned vegetables

We sell cucumbers and gherkins, onions, tomatoes, eggplant and other vegetables in vinegar. The careful preparation and a special presentation of certain canned vegetables represent a new option in this type of production. We also incorporate products such as tomatoes in wine, eggplant and zucchini smoked, chutneys, olive and garlic paste, mixed with dried fruits, pickles, and many others.

Dry goods, dried and dehydrated

The soil of Patagonia Argentina that is rich in nutrients, the pure water from melting ice, and the technical experience gained by local producers are added to produce a high quality natural product, grown in demand. Consumers demanding from international markets appreciate its nutritional value and its distinctive features.

Productos secos y disecados

The varieties of dried fruits are: apricots, grapes, plums, mixed, pear and apple.


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